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The benefits of e-invoicing are too often calculated only by comparing the cost of stamps and paper vs. electronic Accounts Receivable (AR) process. Suppliers should take into account the following:

Processing cycle time
Accounts payable labour
Improve customer relationships
Reduce archiving costs
Efficiency through business process integration
Improving green credential
Enhanced error handling
Faster audits

For the suppliers, the added value is not only by replacing the printing and posting but in increasing the number of invoices and invoicing quality.

From supplier’s perspective, e-invoicing is connected to electronic purchasing. This is important as companies are not able to invoice before the ordered goods have been delivered. To be able to synchronize deliveries with invoicing, it is vital to have real-time visibility over both the order and invoice handling processes; managing these processes manually on paper leaves room for errors on both sides, which eventually slows down invoicing as well as payment. 3ECS online integration of the supplier’s order management and billing processes with the customer’s invoice handling processes ensures orders and invoices are correct. This automation also eliminates unnecessary and time-consuming process steps such as delivery date inquiries, invoice approval, and creating payment reminders or credit notes.

3ECS will take care of the delivery of the invoices created in the supplier’s billing system to the customer. This is important as a supplier then doesn’t need to set up several different processes and operator as 3ECS can guarantee the authenticity, integrity, readability and auditability of the invoices.

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