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Electronic invoicing isn’t only good for buying companies, it saves times and money for suppliers too. Maximising the number of suppliers that can submit electronic invoices will enable the organisation to maximise its savings through e-invoicing. It’s vital that e-invoicing is easy for suppliers to adopt; E-invoicing delivers benefits that are substantial and evident. It’s not about whether suppliers will take the step, but when and how.

3ECS E-invoicing portal enables any of your suppliers to simply connect and encode invoices for electronic submission in a secured way, so there are no significant integration obstacles to On-Board them. Our system doesn’t replace the suppliers existing accounting systems. It’s designed to work alongside any system - no matter which system or data format they use.

Introducing 3ECS e-invoicing system will provide them with many additional benefits over paper invoicing, the most obvious of which is reduced delivery costs. Furthermore, an automated, electronic system can dramatically cut costs for suppliers by eliminating material costs and reducing manual input:

No printing
No stuffing
No stationery and
No postage costs

Your suppliers can choose the way they want to submit invoices and information to you. Options include:

3ECS Light: Web forms – a straightforward option for suppliers to submit their invoices throughout our online portal.

3ECS Invest: Web File Upload - Upload a file (XML, XLS, CSV, ...) created from their financial system directly into our e-invoicing solution.

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