Get ready for the revolution and become the agent of change ! professionalise your invoicing with your customers and/or suppliers.

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3ECS Is your e-invoicing solution!

Get ready for the revolution and become the agent of change, professionalise your invoicing with your customers and/or suppliers. Our profession is all about replacing paper-based invoicing with an electronic invoicing system, 100% compliant with Belgian and EU law.

Today e-invoicing processes are established in many large companies and are a vital part of their business processes, but for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) the picture is quite different. Despite all efforts so far the uptake of e-invoicing in this environment is still very limited because of its cost and its complication for implementation.

Our products are especially developed in order to shorten the gap and to allow all SMEs to implement and to take advantage of electronic invoices for fewer fees. Our solutions are fully customizable to meet all your requirements.

3E Consultancy Solutions gives you the key you need to succeed.

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The Benefits of e-invoicing

Electronic invoicing enables businesses to remove manual processes, speed up invoicing cycles and eliminate non-value add activities – reducing costs by up to 70% and improving green credentials. Paper invoices are not only expensive and time-consuming to send manually, they are also cumbersome to archive and store.

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