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Our team will work with you to inform and sign-up your suppliers. Within days, suppliers can start using our e-invoicing system; the connection can be very fast.

3ECS solution doesn’t require huge investments and will offer you:

Peace of mind
Cost savings up to 70%
100% compliant with Belgian and EU law
Time to concentrate on other added-value tasks than paper invoicing manual handling
Secured environment to exchange electronic invoices

It’s essential to know that our solutions can work seamlessly with any existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application. You choose the data format you want to receive in order to upload into your ERP system.

Our Professional Services team can provide you the needed help to implement a successful, end to-end 3ECS solution with e-invoicing, ensuring the implementation is delivered on time.

With our 100% customizable solutions, it’s easy to implement whatever which ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application you’re using. Within days, you’ll be up and running with our solution. Our On-Boarding services will connect your clients and/or suppliers to get rid of paper invoices and go for 100% electronic invoices.

Be aware that it is not where we stop, our team will give you help and support during the entire contract duration.

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