Frequently asked questions

E-invoicing means the electronic transfer of billing information between trading partners: the supplier and the buyer.
The advantages of e-invoicing are clear:
Secure and
Cost constrainment
All e-invoices are processed in the same way; the only thing it changes is whether you choose to upload your data-file or using our portal to encode your invoice.
Once your invoice is created and digitally signed in our system, your client receives a notification with the data file and the digitally signed PDF file.
Our website is protected by SSL Certificate. This means that the data are encrypted in order to provide a secure environment to our 3ECS solutions.
There are no system requirements. E-invoicing doesn’t replace your existing accounting systems. It’s designed to work alongside any system, no matter which system or data format you use.
By choosing our 3ECS web file upload, you can send multiple invoices at the same time into our system without manual human intervention.
It is possible to receive or transmit electronic invoices without his partner has adopted the electronic invoicing; this limits the effectiveness of the process, but still shows beneficial in terms of time, cost and productivity.
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