What is e-invoicing? Efficient, Economic & Ecologic

E-invoicing is the issuing and receipt of VAT compliant invoices in an electronic format. An electronic invoice is an invoice that contains the information required and which has been issued and received in any electronic format, allowing straight-through processing and legibility.

Electronic invoicing enables businesses to remove manual processes, speed up invoicing cycles and eliminate non-value add activities – reducing costs by up to 70% and improving green credentials.

Paper invoices are not only expensive and time-consuming to send manually, they are also cumbersome to archive and store (minimum 7 years = legal requirement).

E-invoicing has long promised cost savings and efficiency gains, and compelling market drivers are now set to broaden adoption, enabling more organisations to begin the transition to electronic invoicing.

Free yourself from the slow and expensive manual invoicing processes with a faster, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solution.

Advantages of electronic invoicing:

Save time:
      SMEs can immediately send, receive and archive electronic invoices.

Save money:
      according to the European Commission, EUR 250 billion could be saved by European companies if they used electronic billing instead of paper (+ stamps + envelopes).

      thanks to these energy savings, paper and therefore CO2.

Huge potential:
      thousands of companies already use this system;

      No invoice is lost, they are available online.

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