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Invoices sent or received electronically must be stored in an electronic archive. Every taxable person shall ensure that copies of invoices issued by himself, by his customer, or in name and on his behalf, by a third party, and all the invoices which he has received are stored. The authenticity of the origin and integrity of the content of the invoices, as well as their readability must be guaranteed throughout the storage period.

Online backup, why choosing 3ECS?

We take care of the automatic backup of your invoices sent and / or received.
Maximum security (Secure servers, data encryption).
The servers have latest generation processors, so you can at any time check your backups within seconds
A scalable backup service, in minutes, without any technical impact or cutting, we can upgrade your space upon your request.
No minimum commitment.
Very competitive quality and price.
Our partner based on reliable and efficient equipments.
Our partner is a trusted company with more than 10 years experience in infrastructure hosting high-availability.

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