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Make your life easy with electronic signature

Nowadays, the electronic signature is recognized as a handwritten signature, in other words, there is no need to print a document signed electronically. 3ECS offers you three methods of electronic signature:

SaaS (Software As A Service):

This is a very simple online electronic signature solution. It allows you to sign any PDF document.

Your benefits:

No setup fees
Cost-effective: No hardware or software to install
Secure and reliable

FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

This solution enables you to automate the signing of documents. You choose the time and moment to automatically sign your PDF documents.

This is convenient for mass PDF signing.

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol):

You want to integrate an electronic signature in your ERP? This is your solution. This allows you to sign your outgoing document directly without any effort.

Our signatures are « Adobe Trusted »

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