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Many companies are seeking to augment their ERP accounts payable (AP) processes to cover more of the upfront business processes. This is typically a part of the financial value chain that has been overlooked from a technology perspective. More often, buyer doesn’t have a full image of the gain by adopting e-invoicing, they should consider the following:

Completely paperless
Reduces cycle time
Reduction in errors
Better forecasting
More reliable
Reduce archiving costs
Efficiency through business process integration
Cuts processing costs up to 70%
Faster audits

For the buyer, E-invoice is completely paperless and reduces cycle time by eliminating physical invoices. Manual workload keeps the cost of (AP) operations higher than it should be. Especially these days, no facet of operations can afford to be any more costly.

The advantages of electronic invoicing are clear: it’s faster, less expensive, more reliable and it takes the inefficiencies of paper and manual handling out of the process. Switching from paper to electronic invoicing dramatically improves accounts payable. It cuts processing costs by up to 70%.

Electronic invoicing improves the efficiency and effectiveness of (AP) process.

Implementation of an e-invoicing solution is fast and relatively simple, and e-invoicing protocols are easy for suppliers to use.

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