E-invoicing Benefits

Like all enterprises, SMEs expect that e-invoicing will lead to maximize the automation of invoicing processes such as:

issuing or receiving

in order to increase their productivity and to save money on resources.

Benefits for incoming invoices

Receiving an e-invoice in structured format
Increase efficiency
Increase account payable accuracy
Replacing manual and paper based processes (free your employees from low-value data entry tasks to focus on more strategic activities)
Cost and time savings
Electronic archiving – paper invoices are cumbersome to archive and store

Benefits for outgoing invoices

Easy to send, you choose your format
Cost and time savings
Improved trading relationship with the customer
No more rejected invoices due to errors
Increase productivity
A key step towards achieving efficiency improvements in the SMEs
E-invoicing may enable accelerated payments since the processing of invoices is more efficient on the e-invoice recipient side

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